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Black Protest: A Pop-Up Exhibition

Black Protest: A Pop-Up Exhibition

About Us

We are a group of students, all majoring in North American Studies at LMU Munich's Amerika-Institut, who have joined forces to explore the history of African American protest in the United States of America.

The goal of our project is to uncover and understand the historical context and precedent of the current “Black Lives Matter” movement. Slave rebellions or the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s are often portrayed as isolated events in American history enabled by charismatic leaders. We aim to highlight that the fight for equality has been a continuous struggle, from the times of slavery until today, driven by multiple protagonists and in a variety of settings.

In our projects, we have researched the role of women and other often underrepresented activists, music, visual culture, different forms of protest and leadership, as well as its use of and representations in various media. By highlighting continuities and transformations, we aspire to situate actors, events, and modes of resistance in a long history of African American protest.

A pop-up-exhibition at Munich’s Amerikahaus from 19 July to 21 will showcase our findings.

Our faculty advisors are Ernest Butler, Penelope Kemekenidou, and Bärbel Harju. For more information please email to: