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Lecture Series Summer 2018

All lectures start at 4:00 pm in room S005 (Schellingstraße 3 / VG).
The event is open to the public. There is no entrance fee; all are welcome!

April 26
Helen Rozwadowski (University of Conneticut, Avery Point/ RCC)
From Robust Frontier to Fragile Environment: American History and Conceptions of the Post World War II Ocean

May 3
Lilly Goren (Carroll University/ Bonn University)
Women and the White House: Gender, Popular Culture and Presidential Politics

May 17
Maurizio Valsania (University of Turin)
American Founders and the Politics of Corporeality

May 24
Gary Geddes & Ann Eriksson(lecture and poetry reading)
The Minefields of Indigenous Health Care in Canada/ "The Performance"

June 7
Andrew Kerr (University of Lincoln, UK)
War and Violence in U.S. Comics and Cartoons

June 14
Katherine Aaslestad (West Virginia University/ Historisches Kolleg)
Settling Zoar: A "German Utopian Success in the United States"

June 28
Michelle Mart (Penn State/ University of Erfurt)
Food, Nostalgia, and the Search for Pleasure: Rethinking What to Eat                                                                    *This talk will take place from 6 to 8 pm, same room!

July 5
Katherine Morrissey  (University of Arizona/ RCC)
Creating the U.S.-Mexico Border