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A True Media Love Story: When Comics Met Game

A guest talk bei Dr. Dr. Rudolf Inderst (Hochschule Trier), Tue. Feb. 2, 2021 at 9am. Everybody is welcome!


The talk will reflect upon the complex relationship of comics and games. How can they be understood as transmedia expansions? Which synergies and intersections can we see?

Get ready to become a ludophile comic aficionado!

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Rudolf Inderst, currently a visiting professor of media aesthetics at Hochschule Trier, has been enjoying video games since 1986. Having studied Political Science, American Cultural Studies and Contemporary History at LMU, he holds a Ph.D in American Cultural Studies and a second doctoral degree in Media Science from the University of Passau. He specializes in Game Studies, and is particularly interested in comics, political theory, and the history of ideas.