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The next guest in our Fulbright Lecture Series will be Melody Barnett Deusner; the title of her talk is "Thoughts on Practicing a Network-Oriented Art History." It examines the historical origins of the concept of “network” and reflects on the challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls involved in viewing the art and visual culture of the past through the lens of our thoroughly interconnected present. It also provides an overview of the ways other humanities scholars are using databases, social network analysis, and network mapping tools, among other strategies, in their investigations. The lecture takes place on May 4 at 10:15 a.m. in room S006, Schellingstraße 3. All are welcome! mehr

Four books written or co-edited by our faculty members have been published recently: „Cultures of Privacy. Paradigms, Transformations, Contestations.”, edited by Bärbel Harju and Karsten Fitz (Winter Verlag, Heidelberg); "Transnational Mediations: Negotiating Popular Culture between Europe and the United States," edited by Christof Decker and Astrid Böger (Winter Verlag, Heidelberg); "America and the Musical Unconscious," edited by Julius Greve and Sascha Pöhlmann (New York: Atropos), and "Future-Founding Poetry: Topographies of Beginnings from Whitman to the Twenty-First Century" by Sascha Pöhlmann (Rochester: Camden House). mehr

Die LMU München bietet regelmäßig verschiedene Gastvorträge und weitere öffentlicher Veranstaltung an. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter folgendem Link. mehr