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Environmental Studies Certificate Program

Bewerbungsfrist für das ESCP des RCC ist der 20. September!


Please check out the Environmental Studies Certificate Program of the Rachel Carson Center:

The Environmental Studies Certificate Program provides students who have an undergraduate degree and pursue either a master's or a second bachelor's degree with the opportunity to gain an additional interdisciplinary qualification in environmental studies. The international, interdisciplinary format, as well as the workshops and lectures held by environmental researchers from all over the globe, make this program the only one of its kind in Germany.

The qualification, consisting of 33 ECTS-credits over the course of four semesters, is completed alongside the main degree subject. It allows students to look beyond the confines of their disciplines and gives them a broader disciplinary base that is appreciated by employers both inside and outside of academia. The courses are offered in both English and German.

The application deadline is 20 September, 2021. More information on how to apply: