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This seminar examined the role of art in social movements in the post-war United States. In focusing on the cultural dimension of movements, we will uncover the important role of music, film, literature, poetry, painting, graffiti, performance art, and social media art projects for both the internal dynamics of movements and their broader impact on society. How does art bring about cultural change and raise awareness for issues of social and political importance? This seminar showcased art and artivism as an established part of social movements’ repertoire and highlights the intricate relationship between aesthetic practices and social movements. #BlackLivesMatter 11 participants presented their work as part of a graduate student panel at the conference “Dikes of Courage: Martin Luther King, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Aesthetics of Protest” at the Nova University of Lisbon on November 23/24, 2018. Please check out their blog: mehr

***AKTUALISIERT*** Hier finden Sie das aktuelle Vorlesungsverzeichnis für das kommende Wintersemester! Es können sich kurzfristig Änderungen ergeben - bitte im LSF nachschauen! ACHTUNG: die Übung zu Eugene O'Neill (Rössler) im Modul P 4 musste leider gestrichen werden!

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