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Aktuelles Vorlesungsverzeichnis des AI:

Sommersemester 2023 (tagesaktuell im LSF)

Sommersemester 2023 (kommentiertes VLV)

Gastvorträge im SoSe 23:

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20.4. Prof. Dr. Christof Mauch (LMU München): "Mississippi Blues: Ecology and Violence in the History of Memphis, Tennessee".

27.4. Prof. Dr. Simone Müller (Augsburg): "The Toxic Ship. U.S. Waste and Global Environmental Justice".

4.5. Prof. Dr. Ursula Prutsch (LMU München): "The Ammunition king Fritz Mandl: How an Emigrant of Jewish Origin was Turned into a Nazi by the United States in World War II".

11.5. Prof. Dr. Melanie Arndt (Freiburg University): "Chernobyl Children in the United States: Traveling With a Nuclear Disaster as Luggage".

25.5. Prof. Dr. Uwe Lübken (LMU München): "Race, Disaster and Displacement in Vanport, Oregon".

15.6. Dr. Andreas Etges (LMU München): "Mom says, all soldiers come back different…« Veterans and Homecoming in Hollywood Films since World War II".

20.6. Jocelyn Duke: “Representation Matters”

29.6. Prof. Dr. Dorothee Brantz (TU Berlin): "Unseasonal Design: Montreal’s Underground City as Urban Environment, 1960 to the Present".

6.7. Prof. Dr. Gregg Mitman (LMU and University of Wisconsin, Madison): title tba.

13.7. Prof. Dr. Eleonora Rohland (Bielefeld University): "Hurricans in New Orleans: Environmental knowledge between war, crisis and political change - implications for the present?"

20.7. Prof. Dr. Bernd Greiner (Hamburg und Berlin): "Silent Planet. The impacts of nuclear war-planning".

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