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Activist Writing – The Pamphlet in Practice, History, Media, and the Public Sphere

Online Conference – February 24-26, 2022


Pamphlets are everywhere. In recent years, the polemical texts of the #MeToo movement, of Black Lives Matter, of anticapitalist movements, of Brexit, of anti-abortion coalitions, or of digital secessionists have demonstrably affected the normative fabric of Western societies. Pamphletary literature and the responses it elicits are at the core of social history and are drivers of revolutionary events. From disenfranchised groups defending their existence to transnational coalitions advocating for systemic change, pamphlets are both a preeminent medium of political transformation and a massively popular genre of literature.

How does the pamphlet, both in its traditional and digital forms, shape and frame the objectives of contentious politics? What pamphletary impulses lead to political action, and what political actions crystalize as normative change? The international bilingual conference “Activist Writing —The Pamphlet in Practice, History, Media, and the Public Sphere” addresses these questions from an interdisciplinary perspective.