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Exhibition Tour with the Photographer Lila Hartig, Author of "Home-Based in Bavaria"

We kindly invite you to visit the exhibition Home-Based in Bavaria Photography by Lila Hartig on December 16, at 3 pm, at the Amerikahaus.


2022-09-17_Change_of_Command_Ceremony__c_Lila_HartigIn the middle of the Upper Palatinate in Bavaria, Europe’s biggest military training ground stretches across a vast area. Due to its use by the military, unique living spaces and natural habitats developed over time. In her photographs and audio recordings, Lila Hartig captures this Bavarian-American spirit of Grafenwöhr: the openness that characterizes both the people and the landscape despite language barriers or restricted access, the cultural diversity and harmony of nature, and the beauty that calm and peace helped unfold—side by side with the military.

The photographer Lila Hartig will guide us in her last exhibition Home-Based in Bavaria, which portrays the symbiosis of community, nature, and military exercises. The project came into existence in 2021 together with the U.S. Consulate General Munich, 7th Army Training Command, and the Amerikahaus Munich.

The exhibition tour is part of Dr. des. Noemi Quagliati's BA seminar "North American Photography: History of an Instrument that Changed History".

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