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Science, Agriculture and Development in Latin America

The AI kindly invites you to the talk of Sandro Dutra e Silva (State University of Goias/Evangelical University of Goias) and Ryan Nehring (Cambridge University) on June 15 at 6 pm via Zoom


leavesThe rapid growth of soybean production and exports over the past five decades has transformed vast regions in South America. Five countries in particular – Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and
Uruguay – constitute five of the ten largest soy producers in the world. Taken together, they are known as the United Republic of Soy or Soylandia due to the commonalities in the drivers and consequences of soy production between their territories. This talk analyzes the nature of soybean production and export in Soylandia as a window into the nature of commodity frontiers that transcend national borders. We draw on data from FAOSTAT and the Observatory of Economic Complexity to show how the commodity frontier of soybeans has expanded over time between these five countries and the importance of ecoregions in shaping that expansion. We argue that more attention should be paid to the environmental drivers and consequences of soy frontiers that know no borders

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