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The Ammunition King Fritz Mandl: How an Emigrant of Jewish Origin was Turned into a Nazi by the United States in World War II

We kindly invite you to the geust talk of Prof. Dr. Ursula Prutsch on Thu, 04.05.2023, 2-4pm, in S007 (Schellingstr.3)


Mandl-HertaFritz Mandl, a very wealthy cartridge manufacturer and arms dealer, declared his support for Italian fascism, but as an Austrian of Jewish origin he had to flee to Argentina. There he got in the way of US economic interests and was interned as a "Nazi" in 1945. His unusual life story and how it ended will be outlined in the lecture.

This guest talk held by Prof. Dr. Ursula Prutsch is part of the lecture series "Crises-Wars-Environments" (convener: Prof. Dr. Christof Mauch)