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Present position

Lecturer at LMU Munich, American Literary History


University education

2009 PhD completed; title of the dissertation: "James Ellroy and the Novel of Obsession"

2006/2007: Faculty exchange with Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

1999/2000 DAAD scholarship for American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

MA 2002, thesis: “Towards a New Definition: Selected Initiation Stories in American Fiction Since 1920”

1996-2002: Studies in English Philology and German Literature at the University of Freiburg



The Postmodern American Novel
Novels of American Realism
Modern American Novel
Crime and the City: California and the American Crime Novel
The Novels of William Faulkner
Novel/Film Adaptation
American Crime Novel
California in 20th Century Fiction
Introduction to Academic Writing
The 19th Century American Short Story
The 20th Century American Short Story
Modern and Contemporary American Poetry
Fitzgerald and Hemingway
Suburbia and Exurbia in American Fiction

Class in the American Novel
The Financial Crisis in American Fiction



Conference papers

After Nature: Fitzgerald’s New World. Hannover, June 2017.

Reading Crisis: Caitlin Horrocks’s "The Sleep.” Venice, May 2017.

Living in the Waste Land: The Financial Crisis and the “Nature” of Capitalism. Regensburg, Sept. 2016.

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Raymond Chandler: Zwischen Populärliteratur und Film. Stuttgart, March 2009.



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